Hygiene items for dogs

Crema suavizante 250ml.
Hygiene items for dogs

Softening untangling cream for dogs 250 ml

Detangling softening cream. All types of hair. Detangles hair and knots comfortably, adding shine. Especially suitable for long and semi-long haired breeds.
Protector Almohadillas 60ml
Hygiene items for dogs

Pad protector gel - for dogs and cats - 60 ml

Protective gel for paw pads, both for dogs and cats. Repairs cracks and wounds thanks to the 100% natural aloe vera in its composition. If our dog has a high sensitivity in the pads, we can apply the gel before leaving home for a walk and thus protect them against the irregularities of the ground.
Limpiador externo natural para los oídos- 125 ml.
Hygiene items for dogs

External natural ear cleaner for dogs 125 ml

Natural solution for hygiene and external ear cleaning. Removes dirt and wax accumulated on the outside of the ears. With spray valve.
Repelente para perros y gatos 250ml.( micciones)
Hygiene items for dogs

Urine remover for dogs and cats 250 ml

Educating product that prevents these animals from urinating in inappropriate places (shop windows, facades, vehicle wheels, corners, etc.) With spray valve.
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