Cat scratchers

Rascador AUDREY 60x60x96cm
Three-story scratching post, with white jute posts and gray platforms and cabin. Ideal for restless cats or houses where there are several felines.
Rascador BOGART 40x29x42cm
Scraper with sisal base and jute stick. With elements dedicated to the game. A stuffed ball hanging from the pole, a mouse on a spring and a bow to brush the feline's back.
Rascador GIGI 40x40x50cm
Momentáneamente no disponible
Scratching post for cats with jute lined base, post and top. With a hole with a stuffed mouse inside and a ball hanging from the top, for the cat to play with.
Rascador NEMO 34x34x58cm
Scratching post for cats with jute lined post and floor for resting, padded with beige plush. Includes a plush dangling ball that hangs from the platform to complete the fun.
Rascador alfombra 55x35cm
Scratching mat to prevent our cat from scratching the furniture. Made with sisal rope and plush frame. Measure: 56 x 36 cm
Rascador de cartón en forma de Ola 46x12x5cm
Wave cardboard scraper. The scratching post that can never be missing in a house with cats. Made entirely of cardboard and with a string to ensure placement. Measure: 46 x 12 x 5 cm
"Rascador ""OLA"" gato AZUL"
Wave-shaped scratching post, to prevent our cat from scratching the furniture. One part lined with soft material and the other with sisal rope, which is where our cat will scratch. Measurements: 50 x 29 x 18 cm
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