Arquivet - Natural Pet Food

ARQUIVET SLU was founded in Granollers (Barcelona) in 1990, by the nutritionist and veterinarian Rafel Arqué, with the aim of developing natural products for animal nutrition. Since 1997 we have been marketing natural foods for pets: dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and reptiles.
We started our activity as an independent, family-owned company, and today we continue with the same philosophy.
At ARQUIVET we believe that a natural and balanced diet is the basis for our furry friends to enjoy good health
To prepare our recipes we use natural ingredients, which we cook with the most modern technology to preserve the biological value of proteins and vitamins, so that our pets can enjoy a tasty, natural and healthy diet. The result is ARQUIVET NATURAL PET FOOD, the most natural option.
We also have a wide variety of products in all kinds of accessories for pets, for hygiene, rest, walking, transport and play. Always looking for the highest quality in all of them.
Arquivet is positioned as a market leader with an internal network of sales agents distributed strategically and geographically in order to better meet the needs of our customers.
Thanks to our experience in the sector and our wide range of products, more than 5,000 customers rely on our products, including dog grooming salons, pet shops, veterinary clinics, local shops and large companies looking for quality products at competitive prices, offering them a continuously renewed range of food and complements.
Choosing us means trusting in a professional and flexible company, with a multidisciplinary team of more than 30 employees, more than 1.700 references in our catalogue available through our website www.arquivet/, all of them produced with high standards of EUROPEAN quality. We also offer a fast service, thanks to the excellent geographical location of our warehouses.
Choosing Arquivet means trusting in a company in constant evolution, dynamic, efficient and responsible, with many local suppliers and with a perfect selection of raw materials and a special sensitivity for the design and image of its products.
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