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Natural Bentonite Carbón Activo 10Kg Natural Bentonite Carbón Activo 10Kg 2
Natural clumping litter for cats, enriched with activated carbon. High binding capacity, with hardly any dust, little adherence to the cat's feet (thus preventing the sand from scattering on the floor) and with very good odor control thanks to active carbon. The cats will appreciate it.
Cama Redonda Gris Claro 50cm - al Vacio Cama Redonda Gris Claro 50cm - al Vacio 2
Light gray rounded bed 50 cm, very soft and comfortable, ideal for the rest of our pets. The higher edge helps to relax the head and neck, and the super soft inner padding helps the joints and muscles of the limbs. Size: 50 x 50 x 20 cm.
ARQUIVET DOG ORIGINAL Senior & Light 12kg ARQUIVET DOG ORIGINAL Senior & Light 12kg 2
Premium food for adult dogs of all breeds, from 7 years of age and / or prone to overweight. Based on chicken, rice and high quality natural ingredients. Made with a high content of meat as a source of high biological value proteins that provide a great appetite and digestibility. With an optimal balance between proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber that...
Arquivet Cat Sterilized White Fish & Tuna 1,5kg Arquivet Cat Sterilized White Fish & Tuna 1,5kg 2
"Complete and balanced food for sterilized or obese cats of any breed in adult stage, based on white fish and fresh tuna. Low-fat fish proteins provide the necessary energy with a normal activity level. With essential fatty acids that reduce the formation of harmful ""hairballs"" and protect your urinary system. Food without GMOs."
Hueso jamón natural Hueso jamón natural 2
Natural snacks

Ham bone for dogs - Dog treats - Natural snacks

Natural Snacks
100% Serrano ham bone, treated naturally to preserve all its properties. All the features and benefits of natural bones together in a single product.
Pezuña de ternera natural Pezuña de ternera natural 2
Natural snacks

Buffalo hoof (840 g)

Natural Snacks
Natural buffalo hoof, ideal for the dog to have fun chewing it, while providing perfect dental hygiene.
Cat Malt Bits 40gr Cat Malt Bits 40gr 2
ARQUIVET MALT BITS. They are the most delicious treat for your cat. Crisp on the outside and with a fine, creamy malt filling. Regular brushing and the use of ARQUIVET MALT BITS will help alleviate hairball problems.
Natural Cat Litter 5lt Natural Cat Litter 5lt 2
Natural agglomerating litter for cats. Formulated with pine wood and bentonite clay, in the form of cylindrical granules. With a high absorption capacity (5 liters), it achieves balls that are very easy to collect thanks to its binding properties. Eliminates odors, dries feces and limits bacterial activity in the sand.

Natural products and accessories for pets

Arquivet is a pet store specializing in the sale of high-quality natural foods. We choose recipes made with the most modern technology to preserve all the proteins and vitamins that your pets need, in order to provide them with a natural and balanced diet. The range of food you can find in our online pet shop is healthy and respects the diets required by each animal. Our aim is to produce tasty, natural and healthy food that helps to prevent illnesses and nutritional imbalances.

Are you looking for quality pet food? At Arquivet we have what you need. Our Arquivet Natural Pet Food products are made by selecting the best raw materials with the greatest love and care that your pet deserves -whether dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles or fish- and to enjoy the healthiest and most wholesome food on the online pet shop market. We are the natural choice for people who are aware of the real needs of their pets. We know how important it is to take care of our furry friends' food, which is why you will find quality, safety and flavour in our entire range of food. We make it very easy for you to ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition and that they retain all their properties thanks to our fast delivery service.

At Arquivet we are not just any pet shop, we are a dynamic, efficient and responsible team that cares about the health of animals. In addition, we have extensive experience in the sector and a wide range of products and accessories for hygiene, articles for play, products for rest, animal fashion items and products for transport that we sell under the highest European quality standards. Do you need to buy food or accessories for your pet? In our pet products shop you will find what you need.

Buy natural and healthy food online

In our pet shop we offer you a natural and balanced food for your pet to enjoy good health. We prepare our recipes with natural and healthy ingredients. In addition, we use modern manufacturing techniques so that the food retains all its nutrients and properties, providing dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and fish with the nutritional intake they need to grow strong and healthy.

Fast delivery and a wide range of products

Arquivet is an online pet shop with a wide range of pet products and accessories. In our pet shop you will find more than 1,700 product references, such as our range of natural foods; accessories for transport, for play, for walking and for rest; and animal fashion accessories, among others. In addition, in this pet products shop we offer you a fast and effective delivery service. Our warehouses have an excellent geographical location that facilitates the shipment of orders and that your purchases arrive in the shortest possible time. We know that there are some things that cannot wait, so we put all the means at our disposal to achieve this.

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