Natural Pet Food

Arquivet Natural Pet Food

The most healthy and natural choice

ARQUIVET, manufacturer of food and snacks for pets, has launched a new line of Super premium natural pet food with fresh fish and fresh meat, developped by veterinarians and specialists in dog pet food: ARQUIVET NATURAL PET FOOD

  • Produced with FRESH MEAT AND FRESH FISH as the main ingredients, it is a source of high quality proteins that gives to the pet food a unique palatability and a high digestibility.
  • To ensure a good health of the fur and the skin, we have combined Vitamin A and E, plus Zinc, Copper, Biotin, Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  • The minerals as Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium help to improve the health of the bones and the joints.
  • The balance between the Calcium and the Phosphorus plus the special effect of the texture of the pet food, similar to teeth brushing, prevents the tartar and protects from caries.
  • Thanks to the Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), they help to regulate the intestinal flora and increase the immune protection.
  • The fats will be reduced by the L-Carnitine because it converts them into energy

The wide range of ARQUIVET NATURAL PET FOOD will adapt to the pedigree, the age and the size of your dog.