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Catalogo General ArquivetMore natural products for your pets

The general catalog of Arquivet is now available (in downloadable pdf) with all food products and accessories for pets.

We emphasize, among the novelties; wet feeding for cats in the form of cans. The extension of the Natural Dog Snacks line and Natural Cat Snacks.

As for dog accessories, you can find more Xtrem harnesses, with more colors and more sizes, new interactive toys and the new canine fashion collection.

For cats we have more scratchers with different possibilities of adventure or rest and new SilicaCrystal formats.

And of course, our already known range of dog and cat feed Natural Pet Food, with all references and formats. All this together with many products that already enjoy the interest and satisfaction of our four-legged friends.

For prices and availability of the articles, consult with your commercial or contact us contact with us

Download Pdf general catalog


Natural Snacks

Natural Snacks de Arquivet100% Natural snacks for your dog

This product is a delicacy that all pet dogs will devour greedily. The Natural Snacks offer a wide variety of products, all based on 100 % dried meat or fish, but with the point of moisture needed to maintain the natural flavor of the product

You will find meat from chicken, wild boar, pork, anchovies, sardines, tuna and fish in general, all with their vitamins and proteins.

During its production it is applied and controls a number of processes and physical factors that prevent enzymatic activity and the proliferation in the product of fungi, bacteria and yeast throughout its commercial life.

After this and to safeguard the quality systems mentioned above, the product is packaged by art systems, in which, after prior removal of oxygen this is replaced by inert gases, where in addition to thus strengthen its commercial life, remains organoleptic quality of the product. The final heat sealed with special plastic to which it is subjected, guarantees total safety in the snack.

It served in packs of 80 g. with a shelf life of 18 months.



Fresh Meat Snacks

Fresh meat snacks for dogs

Fresh Meat Snacks are a semi-moist snacks with excellent palatability. Steamed in their own juices, without dehydrated materials without meat meal, without grains, gluten free. Only 85 % meat or fish and 15 % of outbreaks of vegetables and vitamins.

The raw materials used are top quality and even fit for human consumption.

The Fresh Meat Snacks, are in the form of bones packaged in 100 and 300 grams boxes.

Fresh Meat Huesitos pollo

And in the form of sticks 80 grams, package of 8 individual sticks and 500 grams box.

Fresh Meat Snacks Sticks cordero

There are 5 flavors, both bones as sticks: chicken, beef, lamb, duck and fish.

Give Your dog with a completely healthy and natural product.


Arquivet Natural Pet Food

Foto Expositor Natural Pet Food

Complete food with fresh fish and fresh meat

The new range of natural food quality superpremium ARQUIVET NATURAL PET FOOD is available for those seeking to feed their pet in an healthy manner. Our range has been developed by veterinarians and specialists in pet nutrition.

We first present you five products that will be enhanced in the near future by other references to cover more specific needs of our pets.

PUPPY JUNIOR CHICKEN RICE / Chicken and rice. Complete food for puppies.

ADULT MINI CHICKEN & RICE / Chicken and rice. Complete food for adult dogs of small breeds.

ADULT CHICKEN & RICE / Chicken and rice. Complete food for adult dogs.

ADULT LAMB & RICE / Lamb and rice. Complete food for adult dogs.

SENSITIVE SALMON & POTATOES / Salmon and potatoes. Complete food for adult dogs with intolerances.

Below some characteristics:

  • Produced with FRESH MEAT AND FRESH FISH as the main ingredients, it is a source of high quality proteins that gives to the pet food a unique palatability and a high digestibility.
  • To ensure a good health of the fur and the skin, we have combined Vitamin A and E, plus Zinc, Copper, Biotin, Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  • The minerals as Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium help to improve the health of the bones and the joints.
  • The balance between the Calcium and the Phosphorus plus the special effect of the texture of the pet food, similar to teeth brushing, prevents the tartar and protects from caries.
  • Thanks to the Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), they help to regulate the intestinal flora and increase the immune protection.
  • The fats will be reduced by the L-Carnitine because it converts them into energy

The complete range ARQUIVET NATURAL PET FOOD is adapted to race, age and size of the dog



Interzoo 2016

Feria Interzoo 2016Come and see us at Interzoo 2016

One more time Arquivet will introduce its products at the famous pet products and accessories fair of Interzoo 2016, that will take place in Nuremberg (Germany), From the 26st to the 29th of may 2016.

You will find us :
Stand 224 – Pavilion 4

90471 Nürnberg GERMANY

Date and opening times:
09:00-18:00 (26, 27 y 28 May)
09:00-17:00 (29 May)


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Carton scratching wave for cats


4340 rascador de cartón olaCarton Scratching wave

Cats instinctively need to maintain their sharp claws ready for action. So they take every moment to scrape off any rough area to strengthen its claws or remove dead layers. In their natural environment, trunks, trees and other elements allow them to meet this need, but in a closed environment such as our home our chairs, sofa, or who knows what unexpected object will be a victim of its claws. That is why it is important to accustom kittens from the early days to use a scratching post. Thus he will take good habits so that we will avoid irreparable damage on our furniture.

Arquivet offer a large range of scratching post. It is essential that the scratching post is stable or can be fixed as the cat does not like the instability feeling and even less when strengthening their claws.

Here is the Carton Scratching wave, the most basic but the most efficient and reliable.

Here you will find all our range.


Premium Snacks for dogs

Foto de Arquivet Soft SnacksArquivet Soft Snacks, perfect treat for small and médium size dogs, they represent the most savourous candy and are perfect during the training.

Available in various colours, savours and packagings.

Small Semi-wet treat they could be rewarded to him for not having barked or to demonstrate your affection.

Available in 100g bag. 300g and 800g cane.

To check the full range of flavors:
Download pdf of Soft Snacks





Biscuits for dogs

Foto de galletas para perrosArquivet expands its biscuit range and offers 12 different varieties.

Biscuits must be considered as a reward. They can also help to stimulate the pet congratulating him. However we must monitor its consumption that should not be abusive although their compositions and textures provide minerals and vitamins. Texture also allows the removal of tartar and plaque whilst chewing.

Available on the following format 200g, 1kg,  4, 5, 7,5, 8 and 10 kg.

Please download the whole range of biscuits (957 Kb)


Silica Crystal for cats

Silica CrystalSilica Crystal is one of the Arquivet Star products. Ideal for all types of cats, silica perfectly eliminate bad smell and benifit from high absorbtion performance and important antibacterial activity, it is not toxic and is fully biodegradable.

Easy to maintain, does not produce dust, does not émit a lot of wastes and does not stick to cat’s paw. Available under 3 formats according to the absorbtion capacity : 3,8 Lt, 7,6 Lt y 17,8 Lt.

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