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Natural Snacks

Natural Snacks de Arquivet100% Natural snacks for your dog

This product is a delicacy that all pet dogs will devour greedily. The Natural Snacks offer a wide variety of products, all based on 100 % dried meat or fish, but with the point of moisture needed to maintain the natural flavor of the product

You will find meat from chicken, wild boar, pork, anchovies, sardines, tuna and fish in general, all with their vitamins and proteins.

During its production it is applied and controls a number of processes and physical factors that prevent enzymatic activity and the proliferation in the product of fungi, bacteria and yeast throughout its commercial life.

After this and to safeguard the quality systems mentioned above, the product is packaged by art systems, in which, after prior removal of oxygen this is replaced by inert gases, where in addition to thus strengthen its commercial life, remains organoleptic quality of the product. The final heat sealed with special plastic to which it is subjected, guarantees total safety in the snack.

It served in packs of 80 g. with a shelf life of 18 months.



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