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Fresh Meat Snacks

Fresh meat snacks for dogs

Fresh Meat Snacks are a semi-moist snacks with excellent palatability. Steamed in their own juices, without dehydrated materials without meat meal, without grains, gluten free. Only 85 % meat or fish and 15 % of outbreaks of vegetables and vitamins.

The raw materials used are top quality and even fit for human consumption.

The Fresh Meat Snacks, are in the form of bones packaged in 100 and 300 grams boxes.

Fresh Meat Huesitos pollo

And in the form of sticks 80 grams, package of 8 individual sticks and 500 grams box.

Fresh Meat Snacks Sticks cordero

There are 5 flavors, both bones as sticks: chicken, beef, lamb, duck and fish.

Give Your dog with a completely healthy and natural product.


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